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Manitou Cliff Dwellings

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings in Colorado Springs are a privately owned tourist attraction consisting of replica ancestral puebloan cliff dwellings and interpretive exhibits. The cliff dwellings are easily accessible by car from U.S. Highway 24. Visiting them is an ideal way to learn more about the indigenous people of this region. Here, you’ll learn how these cultures lived and died. It is located at 10 Cliff Rd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829.

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are open seven days a week, weather permitting. During winter, the museum is closed. In the spring and summer, it is open to the public from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. On weekends, the museum is free to visit, but donations are needed for the preservation of the site. In addition to the museum, you can also take a self-guided walking tour of the cliff dwellings. More here.

The Cliff Dwellings can be a great experience for families with children. The museum is open seven days a week, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings costs $12 for adults and $10 for seniors. Kids three and under are free. The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are one of the most popular attractions in the city. There are many activities for families to enjoy, and kids will love exploring the cliff dwellings.

A guided tour of the cliff dwellings is the best way to see these historic structures up close. The guided tour includes a museum with exhibits on native plants, herbs, trees, and animals. You can also visit the museum’s gift shop for handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and books. There’s even a chance to see real wolves. You can purchase all of these things for yourself.

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are open seven days a week and are open to the public year-round. The park is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tickets cost $12 for adults and $10 for seniors. Kids three and under can enter the Manitou Cliff Dwellings for free. At the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, you can walk through the caves and enjoy the scenery.

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are open year-round. You can visit during the day or after sunset. The cliff dwellings are open during the winter months, but they are closed on weekends. In summer, they are open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., and they are open daily from May to September. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the manitou cliff dwellings in the spring with a picnic or a family barbecue.

Visitors can explore the Anasazi cliff dwellings in Manitou, CO. The manitou cliff dwellings are an architectural masterpiece that have been meticulously preserved by the Anasazi. They are a must-see when visiting the Four Corners area. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful places in the country. This place is not only beautiful but also educational. It is the perfect destination for families and history enthusiasts.

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