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If you have a tree that needs service, but you aren’t sure what is really available to you. Tree service is not exactly something that everyone has experience with, but here you will find that the list of services available, depending on the company, is quite extensive. Read on to learn how a Colorado Springs tree service company can help you get the results that you are looking for.

Services We Offer:

If the tree that you are concerned with needs to come down we can do a complete removal service for you. We can even remove the stump so that after all of the services are performed there will be nothing left of the tree. Some will even provide grass seed to help fill in the soil that is left behind so your lawn looks wonderful in very little time.

If you are hoping to put a tree that you have taken down to good use many companies will chop the tree in a way that makes it easy to stack and use for firewood. If you do not wish to keep it you can pay a fee to have it removed if you do not want to try to get rid of the wood yourself. Some companies will bring in a mulching machine and have it mulched on the spot for you. If they have this option and you do not want the mulch they will usually charge far less than hauling it away because they can sell the mulch.

If you like your tree, but fear that branches may damage your home or that they are getting too close to power lines many companies can come out and trim your tree as you see fit. It is best to get an estimate before picking a company to go with because the price can vary a great deal depending on the method that they use.

If your tree is especially important to you, but appears that it is having a hard time holding up its own weight you may want to consider having it braced. This is usually done for particularly old trees that have a historical value, but can be done for any reason. The company will come out and assess what would be necessary to secure the tree properly and give you a quote for how much it will cost. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances in which it is not possible to save the tree. They will advise you of what they believe is best in this case.

If you are concerned that your tree may have a disease, has died or may be on the verge of dying a tree service professional can tell you what they believe is the case. The worst is to assume that nothing can be done and remove a tree that was perfectly fine. In some cases it could simply be a pest that can be evacuated from the tree by the use of a safe pesticide. Contact your company to get an evaluation before having the tree removed if it is a tree that enhances your property.

You can also have trees planted and maintained during the early stages of growth. Some people like to do this on their own but it can be quite labor intensive. From digging the hole for the tree to carrying the tree with its roots, the amount of work involved can be rather difficult. Additionally, even after the tree is planted there is a lot involved to ensure that it will continue to grow as it should. Hiring a professional to take care of this can actually save you money by knowing that you will not have to replace the tree in a short time frame.

There are a great deal of services that most companies can provide to you. The key is to take the time to call around and ask or visit their websites. Once you know what service it is that you are looking for you should definitely get quotes in order to get the best price and ensure that you have the services they will preform in writing. There is much to be said for being prepared.

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