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Tree Stump Removal Colorado Springs
Tree Stump Removal Colorado Springs

A Colorado Springs Homeowner’s Guide To Tree Stump Removal And Grinding

Even after a tree is gone, it leaves behind a very physical reminder of its existence in the form of a stump. While there are a few landscaping choices that make constructive use of tree stumps, you’re probably going to want to remove them from your property. This requires a stump grinder. What’s involved in the grinding process? Learn more here.

Why Remove A Tree Stump?

There are many advantages to removing tree stumps as soon as trees are gone. We offer quality and affordable tree stump removal in Colorado Springs, CO. For one thing, grinding away the stump typically improves the aesthetic look of your property. The stump may also be blocking off space that you’d like to use for other purposes.

If looks and space aren’t vital concerns, you may be tempted to let a stump decay naturally. This isn’t always a good idea. Not only does a stump have to be trimmed of fresh buds for many years, it can also introduce unwanted molds, fungi, and bacteria to your property when it starts to rot. It’s much better to preclude the entire possibility of a rotten stump by getting rid of it years in advance.

Colorado Springs Stump Grinding Expert – Hire A Pro?

A stump grinder is that rare example of a tool so specialized and expensive that not even the most DIY-minded homeowner would actually own one. This means you’ll need to rent the necessary equipment if you want to grind your own stumps. Grinder rental starts at about $100 a day for the smallest lawnmower-sized units and can go up to $200 or more for towed commercial grinders.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree Stump In Colorado Springs

Speaking very generally, the cost of renting a stump grinder and hiring a reputable tree service company to grind a stump on your property in Colorado Springs are roughly equivalent. Hiring pros is usually the better option for removing a single stump, as most companies will charge less to remove one than you’ll pay to rent a grinder for a day. If you have multiple stumps to deal with, though, renting may be the cheaper option.

Renting A Stump Grinder In Colorado Springs CO.

Before you rent a stump grinder, take some basic notes about the stump(s) you’re going to remove. Getting a measurement on their rough diameter is very helpful. Your rental agent can guide you to the right equipment based on the size of your stump. Make sure you get a full operational and safety briefing before you start using any rented equipment.

Note that stump grinding typically goes a lot faster if you can use a chainsaw to prepare the stump. You may want to rent one along with your grinder if you don’t own a saw of your own. The same safety concerns apply here, of course.

Taking Safety Precautions

You’re going to want to wear eye and ear protection at all times while operating stump grinders and chainsaws. It’s also a good idea to wear sturdy clothes that fully cover your arms and legs in order to protect against flying debris.

Prepare the area around the stump by cutting back grass and any other plants. Remove extraneous debris by hand and look carefully for any stones in the ground around the stump. These have to be removed in order to avoid damaging the grinder.

Tree Stump Grinding Colorado Springs

Removing A Stump

If you have access to a chainsaw, you should begin the tree removal process by cutting the stump down as close to ground level as possible. This can be done by removing cubical “chunks” individually.

Operate the stump grinder in accordance with all instructions and manuals you have access to. Details will vary based on your specific equipment, but in general, you’ll raise the grinder wheel over the stump, cut down into it by about four inches, and then swing the wheel from side to side to chip off all of the wood. This process is repeated across the entire face of the stump before you return for another pass, if necessary. You need to continue grinding until you’ve gone down four to six inches below grade.

Filling In Afterward

Once your stump is gone, you’ll be left with a huge pile of wood chips suitable for use as mulch. There will also be a shallow crater left in place of the stump. Don’t use the wood debris to fill the hole; it can rot or subside when it gets wet. Fill in the hole with fresh topsoil and spread the wood chips around your planting beds.

This general guide to stump grinding should give you a clear idea of the fundamentals of the process. Whether you rent equipment and do the job yourself or hand it off to professionals, the steps are largely the same. As long as the work is conducted safely and sensibly, it’s very easy to reduce your unsightly stumps to fresh virgin soil with the help of a grinder.

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